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Wedding Dress Gift Registry

The Elegance Preserved team has partnered with to offer Wedding Dress Gift Registry services for our future bridal customers. Brides and their families and friends can opt to purchase up to 4 packages that encompass the wedding dress cleaning needs for the future bride. We also have 2 packages that make up the wedding dress preservation portion.

A future bride can quickly setup the registry thru our website on our registry page. This link takes the bride directly to where our package options are available. After setting up the registry, a bride can then promote her registry to friends and family by directing them to our website where they can quickly access the registry.

This is an exciting option for brides and a wonderful way for friends and family to help “preserve the memory” and be a part of a brides special day!  The wedding dress is a timeless symbol of the big day, and it’s a real privilege to be a part of that experience.