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How to start your wedding dress preservation, cleaning and repair

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How to start your wedding dress preservation, cleaning and repair
How to start your wedding dress preservation, cleaning and repair for shipping

Dear bride-to-be,

Thank you so much for visiting us here at Elegance Preserved! Much like the experience of purchasing your gown, the cleaning and preservation of wedding dresses is a very personal service. A wedding gown is a cherished garment and our passion is to preserve your wedding dress memories for years to come. This is an honor that we take very seriously here at Elegance Preserved.

There are many questions brides often have regarding cleaning and preservation. It is not something that one would purchase very often and most sources and services can be a bit challenging to interpret.

Our goal is to make this process as simple and straightforward for our brides as possible. Communication is key! Should you choose to move forward with our Elegance Preserved services, you will receive constant updates on your gown’s cleaning and preservation progress.

Before getting started, we highly recommend that prospective clients study our “Services” section of the website to better decipher what services they might need.

Take some time over on our FAQs (frequently asked questions) section as well, as you will be able to find answers to questions like: How much are your services? What is the average turnaround time for a cleaned and preserved gown? How do I get a quote for services needed?

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Each option will require you to fill out an ‘ORDER FORM’ which will automatically be saved on file for our reference in regards to your Elegance Preserved services. By filling out the ‘ORDER FORM’ you are not committing to any selected services. We only proceed with requested services after approval of your quote either by email or by phone.

We cannot wait to assist and preserve beautiful memories for you! Please feel free to call us direct at 800-539-9092 should you need additional assistance!

Thank you and we are exited to preserve the memory!

Sean Gilmore, Director