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We NO LONGER offer an Orange County  PICKUP option

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This is a bit of reading, so if it’s too much, just fill out the ORDER FORM/fields below and we will get in touch.

Thank you for contacting us here at Elegance Preserved. You can text or call us with any questions at 800-539-9092 or email us at: service@elegancepreserved.com to request a call from one of our team members at any time.

We will review the following topics:

  • Official quotes require an in-store review by our master cleaner.
  • Ways to get your dress to us for a quote, route pickup or shipping.
  • Price ranges for our basic services, cleaning/ preservation / pressing
  • What are the basic services (defined)
  • Turnaround and repairs

Our quoting procedure requires an in-store viewing of your bridal item(s) by our team with a full review by our master cleaner to create an official quote. We will need to either pickup your dress for that review/quote or receive your dress thru our shipping process.

Like all of us, we have made changes here at Elegance during this Covid experience.

Elegance Preserved now offers safe socially distanced free home pickup and free home delivery services in the Bay Area as and Los Angeles/Orange County areas to create quotes for our brides. Outside of these regions, we have a free shipping service. We have temporarily closed our 2 Bay Area stores (San Francisco & San Mateo) and our Los Angeles store for drop-offs, but our home pickup routes have become super popular and our brides love them!

We have a dedicated page to give you a better sense of our pricing here – How We Price-Page.

Questions You May Have:

The form below will help you verify if you are within our route territories in the Bay Area or Southern California. After verifying, you can text us at 800-539-9092 to confirm your route pickup!

If you are just outside the route areas, we may still be able to do a pickup. We have various “long runs” every few weeks to areas such as Napa in the Bay and Whitter in SoCal, for example. We do also “meet brides” outside of boutiques when possible.

We have a shipping service. If you determine you need shipping, once you have filled out the form below, our team will reach out by phone to go thru the details of the shipping program, prior to sending out your shipping kit. Our shipping kit is thru UPS exclusively with the Direct Signature option.

How We Price-Page. After a home pickup or shipping, we will review your beautiful dress at our bridal shop for an official quote from our master cleaner. There is a 50% deposit to commence services with the balance due after completion of services.

Our services are listed in the form below. Many brides have questions regarding preservation. We did create a page with photos that explains the process – here.

**This year we have many delayed and second weddings. If you’re curious if you should preserve either a new dress or a dress that is waiting for a second event, kindly review this PAGE.

We can complete a dress in as little as 3 days if we have a pre-ceremony emergency, for example. However, our standard turnaround time is 12 weeks for cleaning and preservation, and 4-6 weeks for a “clean only” service. We do realize that if someone is intending to resell their gown that we may need a faster completion date. We can work with you based on your needs and we do often finish faster than our original estimated completion dates. Please let us know what you need and we will take care of it for you!

A normal concern, YES! We can repair these items, if required. Simple repairs we often perform at no charge. (I.E. a simple stitch as needed). If you have extensive repairs then we will discuss that with you. The actual repair quote could be delayed by a week, for a review with our tailor.

We often have the discussion, “what is necessary or needed?” If a dress is going to be worn in the future by a lucky relative of friend then there will be a future fitting. That is often the right time and most cost effective time to complete final/final re-crafting repairs. If you’re a resale bride, lets discuss early because this is typically more of a concern. Repairs are something we can only quote after a review from our tailor, which can (at times) delay the repair portion of the quote a week.

RED WINE: If you have a red wine emergency, we recommend having your dress cleaned immediately. You have as little as 3 days with a high-end fabric before staining becomes permanent. If you’re outside of our region, we will typically try to help you identify a local provider that can begin work within hours.  Do not try to remove red wine on your own if you have a high-end fabric such as silk or satin. Please bring it into a professional high-end wedding dress cleaner immediately. We have a dedicated program called, Red Wine Rescue for Bay Area and Socal brides.

DOES IT MATTER IF MY WEDDING WAS A LONG TIME AGO: Our records indicate that approximately 40% of our brides had their wedding between 2-4 years ago. Feel better?  Most of our brides do! The elements that are challenging on fabrics are items such as red wine and grass. These plant based items can “dye” fabrics. We want to take care of them right away. However, the final outcome is also dependent on fabric type. Silk is much more challenging than polyester for example. Standard items such as dirt/mud on the hem are not typically time based. The final outcome is not dependent on a “dye” factor.

PRESERVING OTHER ITEMS: You can preserve any other items such as veils and garters with your dress. They can be included with your dress at pickup or during shipping. If they do not need to be cleaned, there is no additional cost to “only preserve” them with a dress preservation order.

If you look at our Elegance Preserved- FAQs Section there are answers to additional questions that brides normally feel are very helpful!

Thank you again for considering Elegance Preserved for your bridal gown care and we are excited to assist. Our passion is to restore your gown, as close as possible, to its pre-ceremony state!

We can always be reached by text/voice at 800-539-9092 or by email at: service@elegancepreserved.com.

Kate, Shop Team
Elegance Preserved