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How the free route pickup and quote process works:


We pickup dresses from home/work locations to create official quotes for our brides (we cannot quote by phone or text). There is no charge for a pickup to review your dress (no commitment). 

Free Quote

After pick up, your emailed quote is ready approximately 2-3 days later after a review by our master cleaner.


If you APPROVE the quote, there is a credit card process after your approval thru our website. If you DO NOT approve, we return the dress on our next route and there is no expense to you.

Route Day

On your route day, we will text ETAs prior to arrival. We come to your street address and meet you at your exterior door.

We do have a link that reviews our pricing ranges.

At pickup, you will receive a paper receipt (we ask you to initial). Once at our shop, you will receive another emailed receipt.

Also, please have all items IN your boutique bag with your name on your bag (extra precaution). Txt us if do not have your boutique bag anymore at 800-539-9092 for solutions!

Pickup ranges:  Please be patient with us. Traffic can get wicked! We try our best to meet the ranges!

Where to meet:  We are not able to go past lobby doors. Which also means we cannot go to individual units. Please plan to meet us outside. We will text ETA updates so you will know when we are arriving. Thank you!

Parking Suggestions:  We love your suggestions! Please share any wise advice especially for tough areas. We appreciate it!

Who we can pickup from: You (of course), husbands, friends, basically anyone you suggest. The same goes for delivery. We can get creative!

Clean only service – this is a cleaning service for wedding dresses, veils and all additional bridal items. It does include full pressing after cleaning. (Bridegroom attire – we can only assist with a dress order)

Clean & Preservation service – This is a cleaning with the dress safely preserved in a protective wedding chest. Many brides aren’t certain they want preservation. You are welcome to get a quote for it and still choose a clean only service. To learn more about preservation, click HERE.

Press Only service – this is a pressing service for brides before the big day!

Preserve Only – This is for new dresses that may need to “wait” a bit for the big event. This was started during covid. We are only able to preserve new dresses and we are not able to preserve dresses cleaned by a third party vendor. To learn more about this service, click HERE.

We are a small team that realized we should/could start routes during covid and it became extremely popular. It has limited our availability at shops for drop offs due to our staff running the routes, but most of our brides have felt this service is more valuable. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you! We love dresses!

Get Started:

Chose the route based on your pickup location.

San Francisco Route
Thursday & Friday
Route timing: 11am-3pm approx

**Mill Valley. Special Route**

Every other Thursday
Route timing: 12:00pm – 2:00pm

East Bay Route
Route timing: 10:30am-2:30pm

** Clayton, Concord and Pleasant Hill:

Pickups/Deliveries – 1:30pm – 3:30pm.

MOVED TO ROUTE 3 SOUTHBAY.  – **Danville/San Ramon – moved – Please text us for special scheduling**

South Bay Route
Approximate Arrival Timing:
8am-10am – San Mateo  
9am-12:30pm – Hayward, Danville, San Ramon, Fremont, Union City, Pleasanton
11am-3pm – San Jose, Saratoga, Santa Clara
12pm-4pm – Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Redwood City
** not every city listed but this gives you an idea 😉  **




Route Timing: 8am-11am

Northern Outside Route/ Special Areas

Tuesday (special scheduling)

Please text us!

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