Wedding Dress Muslin Bag

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Wedding Dress Muslin Bag

As part of our standard wedding dress cleaning service, inclusive of both our wedding dress dry cleaning and wedding dress wet cleaning techniques, we provide all brides with a standard protective gusset bag, similar to the boutique bag received at your dress purchase. These bags have a logo and are a safe storage option for the long term.

However, there is the option to upgrade to a 100% cotton wedding dress muslin bag. This is primarily an aesthetic choice. The additional cost for this bag is $42 and is an option at the end of the cleaning service. This would of course not be needed if you opt for full wedding dress preservation and one of our wedding dress preservation boxes.

This is a very safe option for shorter term storage and is the right choice for brides that are traveling to a destination wedding, are hoping to resell, or if a bride really doesn’t know if they want to opt for full wedding dress preservation at this time.

We do have brides that often come back to us within the standard 2 year period for full wedding dress preservation.

The primary consideration for brides is how will the shoulder area fare when not preserved. Wedding dress designs tend to stretch in the shoulder areas with time, so its recommended that full bridal dress preservation be considered within a 2 year period.

You can learn more about our wedding dress preservation boxes in our wedding dress preservation section.

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