Northern California Bridal Dress Cleaning

Elegance Preserved

Northern California Bridal Dress Cleaning


Elegance Preserved
Bridal Shop

600 The Embarcadero, Suite A,
San Francisco, CA 94107

(On The Embarcadero, just South of the Delancey Street Restaurant – look for our sign!)

The Best Drop Off Location for a
fast and easy quote is our Bridal Shop:

Pick-up/Drop-off Hours
at our Bridal Shop

Friday – 11:00 am- 7:00 pm
Saturday – 9:00 am- 4:00 pm
Sunday – 11:00 am- 4:00pm
(No Appointment Necessary at these times)


Alternative Drop Store Locations

Dresses can be received at these stores, but pickup is only at our Bridal Shop


Brides of California

1250 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 92566

Current hours and location are listed on the Brides of California links above. We do recommend completing our online ORDER FORM prior to drop off. Complete the form and we will immediately email you a copy. If you would print your order form and bring the copy in with you to the drop store we are all set! Cheri’s team is amazing!


Pickup Service on Saturday Mornings

We have a limited pickup service in select areas of the Easy Bay for free quoting. The pickup is primarily limited to the Walnut Creek, Oakland, Alameda & Berkeley areas. We have an early morning Saturday pickup, typically between 7:00am-8:30am.  Please text or call us to see if that is an option for you at 800-539-9092.

The normal procedure is to first fill out our Order Form, and then email or txt us to request this pickup service. Please give us a couple of days in advance and we will coordinate to get it calendared with you!  It’s a great way to save a trip across the bridge!


Order Form Procedure & Quote Timing

Our drop stores are convenient locations to “drop off” a dress for a quote. We do require a review at our actual bridal shop for a quote, and the quoting process takes a couple of days. All dresses will arrive at our bridal shop in San Francisco the Friday after you have dropped off a dress. We pickup from the drop store teams normally on Thursdays.

Once the dress is received at our bridal shop, we will email you to note that your dress is with us at our bridal shop. We will then begin crafting your quote. It normally takes about 2 days for the official quote, which we will email to you.

If using a “drop store”, please fill out our Order Form in advance. You will receive an email copy. It’s important to print and bring the copy in with you to the drop store.

We also require that your dress be stored in the garment bag provided by the wedding dress boutique. We love those bags!  We cannot accept a dress “loose” at one of our drop stores. We appreciate your understanding! Also, if bringing in a veil “without a dress”, please call us first. We normally request drop offs of veils directly to our bridal shop.

After service, we encourage brides to pick up their dress at our bridal shop in person, whenever possible. We review all dresses including preserved dresses with customers in our bridal shop at pickup. It’s the best part of the service and we are excited to review your dress with you!