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Wedding Dress Preservation Box

Preserving your cherished gown begins with superior wedding dress cleaning and storage. Our wedding dress preservation method includes the proper storage of your beautiful wedding dress in our custom archival museum quality wedding dress preservation chest. However, it’s often easier to refer to the storage item as a wedding dress preservation box.

We choose to call it a wedding preservation chest because it’s so much more than just a box. It is a specifically crafted, unpaneled acid-free and lignin free storage unit that is rated at a 1000 year life. It’s the safest alternative we know of for proper long term storage of high end wedding dress fabrics.

The process that makes normal paper and normal cardboard is not safe for fabrics. It contains chemical compounds that break down over time and can cause scorching of fabrics, which is a brown staining effect.

There are many poor preservation box imitations on the market that are what we called “paneled”, meaning only the outer panels are truly acid-free and lignin free. They can break down after 5 years and again hurt the fabric of dresses.

Our museum quality wedding chest was designed for proper storage of your wedding dress for decades and is the safest alternative to protect your investment in the future.

We have 3 sized wedding dress preservation boxes.  We also try to use the smallest box possible for our brides out of convenience, however, we will always choose what’s best for the wedding dress.  The sizes are:   (small) 5” x 20” X 40”, (medium) 8” x 20” X 40”, (large) 10” x 20” X 40”.

Your wedding dress will be safely packed using acid free and lignin free tissue and muslin such as that used with our wedding dress muslin bag.

This is the final step after the proper procedures such as wedding dress dry cleaning or wedding dress wet cleaning are implemented.

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