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How we price: We require an in-house review of your wedding gown to create a quote for cleaning and preservation services. Currently, our brides can either have their dress picked up at home in the Bay Area and SoCal to create that quote, or use our shipping option.

We are not able to provide quotes through email or by phone as every dress is reviewed individually. More detailed information on how we price is below.

The first question is normally…. “what is your pricing?”

How we price your wedding dress services are generally split into two categories: “Cleaning” and “Preservation”.

Cleaning – wedding dress
In answer to the pricing question we state that our final wedding dress cleaning price quote range is generally between $260-$550 (some dresses have fabric types that are very time consuming to clean, and we see all varying levels of soiling). A relevant example might be the difference between a store sample gown cleaning versus a large Vera Wang with layers that is heavily soiled. There are some higher-end fabrics (typically silks and satins) with higher end designs that present their own challenges and can move that range.

The considerations we review are fabric type, design/construction of a gown, level of soiling and repairs when drafting your cleaning quote. For more information on our cleaning services, please click HERE

Preservation –
wedding dress
preservation pricing is typically between $188-$214 (larger dresses and additional preserved items are considered). For more information on our preservation services, To learn more, click HERE

Pressing –
pre-ceremony wedding dress
If this is a pressing/steaming need prior to a ceremony, our standard pricing is $188 and if needed under a week is typically $208. Pickup is required direct from our bridal shop. Please call our coordinators to set this up. We often receive gowns from across the country for brides with winery wedding and we are excited to assist!

Cleaning –
Our veil pricing, accompanying a dress, is normally between $35-$45. Our stand-alone veil pricing is normally between $85-145, unless the dress is received by us with a dress. If a veil is an antique restoration project, the pricing can vary considerably and we will review options with you once the veil has been reviewed. We love working with family heirlooms!

The considerations we review are fabric type, design/construction of a gown, level of soiling and repairs when drafting your cleaning and preservation quote.

We will require a 50% deposit to commence services. For a full list of our services, you can research our offerings at: Services Offered.

The second question is… “how long will it take?”

Please see our answer on our FAQs page:  Here.

The third question is…. “how do I get my dress to you for a quote?”

Please see our answer on our FAQs page: Here.