Red Wine Rescue

Time is ticking.

Here is what to do:


Don’t put anything on the stain (i.e. club soda, etc.). These home remedies will likely set the stain.


Text us at 800-539-9092. (if no one is available, leave a message and we will call you back).


Fill out our “Order Form. It only takes a moment thru our website:


Coordinate a meetup/pickup location. We will work with you to coordinate a meetup/pickup to begin work right away

How it works:

We normally have approximately 48 HOURS for red wine rescue removal of red wine stains from high end silks. Our Bay Area wedding dress cleaning team will come meet you as far North as Sonoma, as far South as San Jose and as far East as Danville in the Bay Area to pickup your dress and begin working on the red wine staining within hours. This service is available during the day from 9am-5pm.

If you’re leaving on a honeymoon right away, possibly give the dress to the maid of honor or a good friend and we will get to work coordinating a meet up to begin “the rescue!“ as soon as possible. Let’s protect your wedding dress investment and memory! Fill out your order form by clicking the button below:

Before and After Red Wine Rescue

Our red wine rescue process:

We will begin working on your dress that day. There will be a $50 rush pickup fee and a $125 testing fee required before pickup. These are non-refundable. If a wine rescue pickup is required, we will need a credit card to proceed.

We will also create a full cleaning quote for you. If we move to full cleaning, the $125 testing fee will be a part of your standard cleaning quote. The $125 testing fee will not be in addition to your cleaning fee. We will perform tests immediately and only on to full cleaning with your email approval for the full cleaning.

Because we will be moving fast and you may be heading out of town, it may make sense to approve the full cleaning quote in advance to avoid any delays in processing. However, this is entirely up to you. Our goal with this program is to do our absolute best for customers and to avoid any unnecessary delays with your dress. Red wine is normally solvable if we move fast!

Wedding Dress Red Wine Stain Before
Wedding Dress Red Wine Stain Before
Wedding Dress Red Wine Stain After

Pricing Review... The basics:

1. There is a $50 rush pickup fee/ non-refundable

2. There is an additional $125 testing fee/ non-refundable.

(However, if the final cleaning quote is approved by you, this testing fee is part of the cleaning quote). So, for example, if the final cleaning pricing is $350, the $125 testing fee would already have covered part of the cleaning quote and the final due would be $225.

The regular cleaning quote will normally be between $275-550, as a starting point. Please see our “How We Price” page to learn more about our pricing methodology.

For more information on our regular cleaning pricing and answers to many other questions, please reference our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. Finally, please note that this is a “best efforts” program. We do not and cannot warrant or guarantee that we can get all red wine staining out of all high end silks and fabrics.

However, our master dry cleaner is exceptional. This program was started to “get the word out” to our brides and bridal shop managers about red wine staining on high end dresses. It’s all about speed, and we have approximately 48 hours. Don’t delay due to the honeymoon or simple logistical challenges. There is nothing more rewarding in our business then to assist a bride to reverse a nightmarish situation and bring it all back looking like new!

We look forward to assisting!

The Elegance Preserved Team

Red Wine Staining? – Call or text our team immediately at: 800-539-9092! Also, please fill out our Order Form right away! The Order Form does not commit you to this process.

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