The purchase of one of our web offerings is a credit towards any Elegance Preserved service including cleaning and preservation. The credit is only valid for one person (referred to as “bride” going forward) that is to be named at the time of purchase. The credit is valid for up to 2 years from the time of purchase, and our company will save the credit under the name of the bride. If the credit is not redeemed by the bride within a 2 year period, the credit amount will remit to Elegance Preserved.

The package titled “Full Cleaning” is an average cleaning price. At times, there are dresses that require additional cleaning services and the cleaning amount can be in excess of this package. In such circumstances, the bride will be responsible for any remaining balance. One note, the full preservation price does not change and does include full preservation.

In rare circumstances, if a dress is damaged beyond repair during a ceremony such as when a bride decides to “trash” the dress rendering cleaning/preservation services impossible, we would reach out to all parties that contributed to services and refund directly to the participants credit cards. As a point of reference, if our cleaning services, not inclusive of preservation, are in excess of $700, this could also constitute a dress as “trashed”, prompting a refund to all participants.

Our goal is always to be fair to all our brides and their lovely family and friends.

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