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Grandmother’s Wedding Dress Restoration – Doris

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Nothing makes us happier when a client comes to us with a wedding dress restoration that means the world to them. In this story, Doris asked us to assist with her Grandmother’s Wedding Dress Restoration project.  These projects require the utmost care during restoration. An assessment is performed, and the fabric is handled with great care. A focus on the underlying fibers and their strength is of paramount importance.

Doris and her husband Robert were married in 1982 and after deciding on a more low key wedding, Doris went to her mother to ask if she could wear her wedding dress.”My mother was very excited that I would want to wear her dress – but it didn’t fit me well” Doris recalls, “my mother then suggested my grandmother’s dress which she also had.”

Talk about an heirloom! Doris’s grandmother’s wedding day was October 24th, 1912.

After making minor repairs: restringing some beads, new buttons, and replacing some broken pearls, the dress was the perfect fit!

“I love the simplicity and elegance of this dress, and I want to care for it so it will continue to last … and possibly be worn again by another member of my family” Doris explains, “I started to research companies that could clean and preserve wedding dresses because I hope this dress will last for many more years to come!”

“That’s when I discovered Elegance Preserved. When I saw photos of older wedding dresses that were visibly whitened from the cleaning / preservation process, I knew that this was the place to contact regarding my grandmother’s dress.”

When asked for sage advice for new brides to be, Doris says: “After my daughter’s wedding, we realized the we agonized over things that didn’t really matter! So my advice to all you new brides: Don’t sweat the small stuff!”

We couldn’t agree more! And thank you so much Doris for trusting us with such an important and special family heirloom!


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