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John and Alice had a gorgeous ceremony in Aurora in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Alice wore a timeless Sarah Seven dress. She fell in love with her gown in their New York Store and is a perfect example of New York Wedding Dress Cleaning.

June 4, 2023,

Alice wanted a classic bridal look. We think she made the perfect decision. She found a gown which really made her shine on her big day. Alice looked mesmerizing. “I pinned it to my Pinterest before I even went shopping. When I tried it on I knew it had the perfect balance of simple, elegant, and timeless that I was looking for.” We love this story and loved working on her New York wedding dress cleaning.

When we asked Alice what made her big day special, she said. “All of the butterflies I felt in the morning while getting ready, as well as feeling those turn into excitement as I saw everyone we loved there to support us.” She truly wanted to share these moments with the most important people on her special day.

Alice kept the ceremony simple so all of the spot light was on her and John’s love for each other. She said. “We had a small brunch wedding and skipped many of the traditions that didn’t feel necessary for us. We wanted to keep the emphasis on gathering together and celebrating love.” We just love how happy Alice and John look together paired with the elegance of ceremony, they make a spectacular couple.

When we asked Alice why she chose to have her gown preserved, she said. “Saving it for the future! Whether that’s a future child, someone else in the family, or just keeping it for the memory. It feels too special to let go.” After a visit with a dry cleaner Alice’s dress was almost beyond repair. Thankfully we came to the rescue and brought it back to life. “After a bad experience with a local dry cleaner, I went to Elegance Preserved to repair the damage and salvage my gown.” We don’t know what the future holds. However we do know that her cleaned and preserved gown will continue to shine for years to come!

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Photographer: Mel Toms| Venue and Caterer: Aurora Brooklyn | Florist: Parkin Studio

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