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Oakland Wedding Dress Preservation – Nichole & Peter

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We completed some beautiful wedding dress cleaning and preservation in Oakland for Nicole. Now she can cherish wedding day memories forever.

August 23, 2020

Nichole wore her beautiful Watters W.too Wedding Dress, purchased at Janene’s Bridal Boutique, to her wedding in a family cabin at Swan Lake Montana. Nichole knew the dress was the ‘one’ the minute she laid eyes on it. “I remember doing the first walk through and seeing it on display and thinking. “That’s it!” It was simple, special, and light. ”

When asked the question, “why preserve?”. Nichole said without a doubt . “I originally didn’t think I would be that attached to a dress I only got to wear once. But after the wedding I realized how special it became to me and I wanted to hold on to that memory and preserve it.” What a brilliant example of wedding dress cleaning and preservation in Oakland.

Nichole’s big day was filled with cherished memories, “It was a beautiful small wedding that had a lot of meaning being at the cabin my grandparents built with my father. More importantly the timing of the wedding was a miracle, as shortly after my wedding my father passed away from cancer. Having the memory of my father walking me down the aisle will forever be a precious one for me.”

Nichole had many joyful moments on her wedding day. When we asked her which stood out the most to her, she simply couldn’t choose. “It’s a toss up between watching my 2 yr old nephew (ring bearer) spike the pillow and take over the flower girl’s basket so he could throw the daisies. Also looking up at Pete’s face as we said our vows and seeing the overflowing of love in his eyes.”

If you’re planning on getting your wedding dress cleaned and preserved, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dress: Watters W.too| Boutique: Janene’s Bridal Boutique| : Photography: Jill Jones| Caterer: Gina McNeil

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