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Reselling Wedding Dress – Hsiao-Tieh and Steven

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July 8, 2021

Hsiao-Tieh wore a beautiful Allure gown, from Janene’s Bridal Boutique. She plans on reselling her gown, which was the perfect reason to have it cleaned back to perfect condition! When we asked why choose Elegance, Hsiao-Tieh said. “I got a referral from Janene’s Bridal Boutique and saw many great reviews on Elegance Preserved online.”

Hsiao-Tieh cherishes the memory of seeing her friends and celebrating with them, after a year of lockdown. “Celebrating with our friends from different stages in our lives all over the country. This feels extra special after being in COVID lockdown and social distancing for such a long time. Due to COVID our wedding was postponed by a year, from August 2020.’ We didn’t expect any less from Hsiao-Tieh, after a year of anticipation. We were super excited to hear more about her other wedding day highlights!

What a fantastic reason to have a wedding dress cleaned and preserved for reselling.
We loved watching both Hsiao-Tieh’s and Steven’s friends and families come together and celebrate. This moment stood out the most. “Our officiant is one of our best friends from graduate school. He saw us through our entire relationship and made the ceremony incredibly sweet and personal. Our friends who could not make it due to international travel restrictions made a music video. It was with our officiant and across three different time zones. They surprised us at the reception, it was the best thing ever.” What a brilliant end to a beautiful evening!
We are so thrilled that she decided to utilize our wedding dress cleaning and preservation services here at Elegance Preserved! If you have any questions about our services be sure to contact us


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