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Wedding Dress Bird Mess Cleaning

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Wedding Dress Bird Mess Cleaning

There are always unusual situations in our world, and this was no different – wedding dress bird mess cleaning.

TRISH LEE – Designer:  A wonderful bride had her beautiful gown, to put it delicately, attacked by a bird. Well, attacked is a bit strong of a word, but the bird presented its own challenges to the fabric.  It’s not every day that you are presented with a wedding dress bird mess cleaning challenge! We were so amazed that our customer had such a wonderful outlook during the process and she made some great decisions early.

First, she did not put any home remedies on the fabric such as “club soda” or a “secret” spot remover. She brought the dress in to a professional cleaner in a timely manner, which is the correct solution to a high end fabric wedding dress challenge!  We absolutely understand why brides in a stressful situation make the decision to try a home-ready in the “heat of the moment”. But, please know these solutions tend to spread the stain and cause extra work for your cleaner which can lead to further cleaning complications.

Our customer had purchased her gown from a wonderful local designer named Trish Lee. Her couture dress was absolutely gorgeous and we brought it back from the brink!

The delicate fabric took some care but we were able to remove the staining with no degradation of the underlying fibers.  Our first objective was to test the dress for the bride, and the fabric responded well to our methods. From there it was a great deal of hand work and time to bring the presentation to its conclusion.

It was a privilege to work with this customer and this stunning dress!

Wedding Dress Bird Mess Cleaning

Designer – Trish Lee
Trish Lee Bridal San Francisco – Pinterest

Bridal Shop – Trish Lee
@TrishLeeBride– Facebook

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Bird Poop on wedding dress
Bird Poop on wedding dress removed
Bird Poop on wedding dress removed
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