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Wedding Dress Hem and Blanching Process

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amy kuschel Wedding Dress

Amy Kuschel – Designer

We had a bride come to us with a very challenged hem line. You can see from the pre-clean photos that the hem was thoroughly stained with heavy soiling penetration. Based on the delicate nature of the fabric itself, the traditional cleaning methods only took the hem to a certain point. And by certain point, we mean that the hem, while clean, did not appear clean. It still appeared “shadowed” heavily.  This was the extent of the cleaned appearance we could achieve with the standard . leaning methods.  Those traditional methods include extensive hand cleaning with a horse hair brush, and extensive stain removal work with our proprietary cleaning mixtures.

Normally, this might be the limit of our abilities. We reached out to our customer to get permission to re-work the hem with a special blanching process. She was wonderful throughout the process as we had to get permission. We explained all the possible concerns before proceeding as there was a very slight risk of a yellowing effect which we had to communicate to our customer.

She gave us permission to do our best, and we soaked the hem overnight with our own special blanching solution. As you can see from the photos, that was the right decision and the fabric responded well. Every dress is different and has different needs. We try to work with our customers to set expectations from the outset and when challenges present themselves we will work with our customers to find alternate solutions.

Wedding Dress Challenging Hem and Blanching process

Designer – Amy Kuschel
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Wedding Dress Blanching Process Before
Wedding Dress Blanching Process after
Wedding Dress Blanching Process Before
Wedding Dress Blanching Process After
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